The Story

Embrace Life’s Challenges. Savor Life’s Victories.

“The ‘V’ – illustrating the importance of celebrating challenges, rewarding all the small Victories along the way.  Strive Vineyards began with a passion for wine and our aspirations of growing a family and farm in the high desert climate and sandy loam terroir of Willcox, Arizona.

While we have been faced with countless obstacles along the way, our wine is the unique culmination of weather, soil, grapes, and the people of each vintage.  We recognize goals worth achieving rarely come easily but Strive to persevere.

the story

The Story of Our Vineyard

We grew up in Wisconsin.  My husband and I both attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology and he earned his doctorate in Pharmacy.  In all honesty, we moved down to Arizona right after graduating just for the amazing weather.  I received a master’s degree in Special Education at Arizona State University and taught Special Ed. in Phoenix for 8 years.  Ryan has and continues to work as a Pharmacist for a national brand. 

While on a weekend vacation to AZ wine country I asked my husband why we’ve never tried making our own wine with our interest in food/wine/chemistry.  The very next weekend we went out and purchased a home winemaking kit from our local brew shop.  That first batch was undrinkable, to put it politely, which only fueled us to research, revise, and try again.  When a 6-gallon glass carboy exploded in our guest bedroom we decided to go full speed ahead.  We ripped out the carpeting and built a complete in-home winery.  Soon we looked for land down in Willcox (where 85% of the grapes grown in Arizona come from) and began the journey to grow a family, vineyard, and winery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the stories of our life, love and livelihood with you to provide you with a truly exceptional and personalized vineyard and winery experience in alluring Willcox, Arizona.

The story1


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